Course rationale

Course rationale

Almost five million UK employees currently participate in a share plan at their place of work. Planning, introducing and managing employee share ownership schemes demands a high degree of professionalism by both front office and back office staff.

Over the last few years the government has increased its focus on the development of share schemes and employee ownership. The Office of Tax Simplification has reviewed the tax regimes of approved and unapproved schemes. The Nuttall Review of Employee Ownership has drawn a road map for the future development of the sector, placing importance on raising awareness, cutting complexity and increasing the resources available.

Employee share scheme professionals need to understand not only employer motivation, but also that of the employee. The practical issues involved in working in the share scheme industry require a good understanding of the legal and regulatory aspects of schemes, trusteeship, financial implications of share ownership, the impact of the tax regime and crucially, scheme administration and member communication.

Leading firms in the industry have recognised the need for specific training for practitioners new to the field, whether working in the company, perhaps in payroll or HR, or in a specialist firm providing a range of scheme support services to clients.

Building on our experience with the diploma of the Esop Institute, we have created a single-module certificate course which will enable those who complete it to discuss employee share ownership with confidence.

It is equally designed for people who can benefit from taking an informed interest.

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