The Certificate

Certificate in Employee Share Ownership Studies


The employee share plan world is becoming ever more complex and specialised. There has been a growing need for a recognised course to give the background to share schemes and employee ownership and their potential impact on corporate and employee behaviour.

Planning, introducing and managing employee share ownership schemes demands a high degree of professionalism. Share plan professionals must know and understand the core disciplines of equity pay compensation and these form the basis of the ESOP Certificate course:

  • The origins and applications of employee share ownership
  • The legal, tax and accounting environment
  • The business case for ESO schemes and employee engagement

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The expertise of leading practitioners has been recreated online to bring the full perspective of employee ownership to home, office or smart phone.

The ESOP Certificate is a distance-learning course designed specially to maximise the benefits of online learning. This gives the flexibility for students to fit their studies into their hectic work schedules and work at a pace that suits them. Employers can incorporate it into training schemes with ease.

Students follow a structured self-study programme which comprises a mix of reading and weekly self-test exercises. Assessment is by a mixture of coursework, worth 30 percent (typically a short essay or report, submitted online, to a deadline) and examination, worth 70 percent.

Academic timetable

The ESOP Certificate is a 20 week course.

Week 1 You will have a week to familiarise yourself with the course site and read the information provided on your personal webpage.
Week 2 You will receive the first unit of the course along with the set coursework*.
Weeks 3-16, excluding week 9

You will receive a new unit and the answers to the previous unit's self-test questions in each of these weeks.

Week 9

This week is a study break. Your coursework is submitted online at the end of the week - via your individual homepage.

Week 17

You will receive the answers to unit 14's self-test questions only.
This is the first week of your study break.

Weeks 17-19 You will have a study break to prepare for the Certificate exam.
Week 20 Exam week.

*The coursework tests content in units one to seven only.


After completing the ESOP Certificate you will have all the knowledge of a share schemes professional at your fingertips. Here is how:

  • Lay a solid foundation
    • You will be able to outline the development of employee share ownership in the UK and its current trends
  • Add value to your work
    • You will feel confident using your knowledge of legal, tax and accounting issues in your day-to-day work or in briefing colleagues.
    • You will be able to articulate the main equity pay plan issues and brief clients in general terms.
  • Grasp new opportunities
    • The ability to build a business case for employee share ownership will enable you to demonstrate the benefits of employee share ownership internally or to clients and colleagues, while being able to take advantage of an expanded network of contacts through the Esop Institute.
  • Boost your skill-set
    • Stand out and impress impress with a highly regarded professional qualification, developed in partnership with industry leaders.
  • Study with maximum flexibility
    • E-learning allows you to fit study around your busy schedule. New materials are delivered weekly via the Esop Institute's new website.
  • Maximise ROI
    • Learn how to maximise return on investment by communicating your share plan well, fostering employee engagement and providing financial education.


On the ESOP Certificate website, you can both follow your course and enjoy a common room for discussions with other students. Use it to share knowledge, make freinds and build a network.

Students receive a security key to their own course page/s where they have access to the course materials and other facilities including:

  • Weekly blocks of screen based learning materials which can be downloaded and printed for convenience
  • Assessment of assignment and exams - including time stamped online submission of course work, post marking feedback and grades
  • Recommended learning materials
  • Forums - news, tips, technical support and course discussions
  • Live chat room to discuss issues with other course participants in real time
  • Calendar with key course dates - this can be used for personal schedules
  • A message facility to communicate with other course participants or the Institute's staff

The students' pages are secure so only you have access to your grades, personal calendar entries and dialogues.

The ESOP Certificate will not only help careers but confidence at work every day. All this for £750 (VAT at 20% may be applicable).

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