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The case for widening the spread of employee share ownership is compelling and almost five million UK employees now participate in employee share schemes. The Esop Institute’s course in Employee Share Ownership Studies fills a vital gap in the market for training share scheme designers, communicators and administrators.

Mike Kemsley,  finance director, Indigo Planning

Employee share plans are both an exciting and complex subject. This course helps unravel the complexities of share plan administration and leads towards share plans that meet corporate objectives.

Rob Cooper, ex HMRC and Computershare

The ESOP diploma provides a sound benchmark of the knowledge required for anyone involved in employee share ownership. We believe that the diploma provides a long awaited way for people to prove their credentials within the employee share plan market. The distance learning methodology adopted by the Institute provides a highly flexible way for people to build on their existing knowledge of employee share schemes.

Stuart Bailey, formerly FSA

That employee share schemes are "a good thing" is now widely accepted as self-evident, but the establishment and operation of such a scheme involves a perilous journey through a minefield of laws, regulations and requirements not always consistent and often conflicting. The course is designed to give participants a level of understanding and practical know-how enabling them to negotiate the minefield and acquire the skills and knowledge required to advance a career in this most rewarding field. There is no other course presently available which offers such depth of understanding or which prepares participants so well for practising the skills required.

David Pett, partner, Pett, Franklin & Co


From a trustee's perspective the course gave great insight to the thoughts and processes around the company and advisers in order to establish such plans. This helps greatly in understanding how the trustee can work with clients

Charlie Germain Ogier, ESOP Institute graduate

I found that working online was easier as it fitted in with my own work schedule perfectly. I did not always keep up to date weekly so the ability to skip weeks in busy periods and catch up at quiet times was fantastic.

Esop Institute graduate

I really enjoyed the course. It was clear that the approach is to provide a holistic approach to the subject and this was achieved. The coursework was ideal preparation for putting the academic into the practical. A great course!Esop Institute graduate

I have thoroughly enjoyed the course. I only joined this line of work in recently so have never dabbled in this before and I have found it very useful along side my in-house learning

Esop Institute graduate

Overall I thought the course was very good and worthwhile. The learning materials were excellent and I will be keeping these as reference materials. The online approach worked well and I found the flexibility of being able to study at a time suitable to me was very helpful. I was able to fit in studying around my job with no problem.

Esop Institute graduate

I am glad to hear that you will be relaunching the course as I found it helpful and still refer to the notes I made for the two diploma modules I took!

Esop Institute graduate

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